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Frequently Asked Questions 

Pharmacy POS is a software that makes it easy for you to manage your retail pharmacy business.It works best for small pharmacy units dispensing retail drugs to the general public. Unlike other solutions in the market it is easy to use, affordable and designed for the local community pharmacist

Yes the Software is free for the first 14 days after which if you want to continue using you pay the subscription fee as per the period you want to use the software.

* Download the software from our website and run the installer(For best user experience please use a computer with at least 4GBs of RAM and at least 500 GB in storage memory. This can be a laptop or desktop computer. The current version only caters for Windows Operating Systems version Windows 7 and above.)
*A desktop shortcut will appear on your desktop click on it if the software has not yet started.
* Then go ahead and create a new device and location
*Go to the adminsection, navigate to the items tab and add some inventory. Our system has provisions for both inventory and non-inventory items.
*Download our excel template, add items and upload again.
*Go to the frontend, click refresh 
*Now you are ready to start selling

No! Once you download the software all the files and data is stored locally. You can therefore work offline forever as long as your license is renewed.