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Payment Information

To Activate a Free Trial or an Expired Subscription,
Pay using the means below, and follow the Instructions

* Go to your MPESA Menu
* Send Money according to the subscription you want:
--> From your Mobile
--> Go to "Safaricom" menu
--> Select "Lipa na M-pesa"
--> Select "Paybill"
--> Select "Enter Business Number"
--> Enter "722355", Click "Ok"
--> Select "Enter Account Number"
--> Input your name, Click "Ok"
--> Input Amount, Click "Ok"
--> Enter your pin number, Click "Ok"
--> Confirm by Clicking "Ok"
*Send the mpesa confirmation to 0799 941794
*Wait for five to ten minutes. An agent will call you to confirm activation.
*Activate your subscription by logging into your system, and inputing the email you used to download the software  (You must be connected to the internet to do this).

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